Corrections Policy

Effective Date: August 21st 2023

1. Introduction

We are committed to providing accurate and reliable information to our users. We understand that errors or inaccuracies may occasionally occur despite our best efforts. This Corrections Policy outlines our commitment to promptly correcting any inaccuracies, errors, or outdated information on our website.

2. Corrections Procedure

2.1. Reporting Errors: We encourage our users, including readers, members, and external parties, to report any errors, inaccuracies, or outdated information they come across on our website. Reports can be submitted via email

2.2. Internal Review: Upon receiving a report, our editorial team will conduct an internal review to verify the accuracy of the reported issue.

2.3. Correction Process: If an error or inaccuracy is identified, we will take the following steps to rectify the issue:

  • Content Correction: If the error pertains to a specific article or piece of content, we will update the content with the correct information, marked with a clear notation that a correction has been made. This correction will include the date of the correction.
  • Editor’s Note: If the error was significant or the misinformation may have affected our users’ health or fitness routines, we will include an editor’s note at the beginning of the article, explaining the correction and any potential impact on the content.
  • Archive Correction: If the error is in an archived article, we will update the article with the correction and a note indicating that the content has been corrected. We will also update the article’s date to reflect the correction date.

2.4. Transparency: We are committed to transparency. We will clearly indicate when an article or content has been corrected and provide an explanation of the correction if necessary.

3. Correction Timelines

We strive to correct errors and inaccuracies as soon as possible after they are identified. However, the timeline for corrections may vary depending on the complexity of the issue and the resources available. Our goal is to make corrections within a reasonable time of receiving a report.

4. Retraction Policy

In the rare event that a published article or content is found to be substantially incorrect or poses significant risks to our users’ health and fitness, we may choose to retract the content. In such cases, we will provide a clear retraction notice indicating the reason for the retraction and any potential health risks associated with the erroneous information.

5. Dispute Resolution

If a user disagrees with a correction or believes that a correction is unwarranted, they may contact our editorial team to discuss their concerns. We are open to engaging in a constructive dialogue to resolve disputes related to corrections.

6. Contact Information

For reporting errors, questions, or concerns related to corrections, please contact our editorial team

7. Review and Update

This Corrections Policy will be periodically reviewed and updated to ensure its effectiveness and relevance. Users are encouraged to check the policy periodically for any changes.

By using our website, you acknowledge and agree to abide by this Corrections Policy. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us maintain the accuracy and reliability of our health and fitness information.